The Te-Ne-Ke
Designed and patented by Boyd Mason, NE8KE - built by NOARC

Frandy N1FJ's SOTA setup

As featured in QST (February 2001, p. 107) and CQ magazine
Boyd, NE8KE
Boyd, NE8KE

Looking for an affordable, portable CW paddle? You've found it!
The Te-Ne-Ke ("teeny key") is an iambic paddle built in West Michigan by members of the North Ottawa Amateur Radio Club. The contacts are made from beryllium copper springs and brass pins, attached to a stainless steel head. The key connects to your rig or keyer with a standard 3.5mm audio patch cable.

A note on variations
Several variations of the Te-Ne-Ke currently exist. The head used to be made from CNC-machined aluminum channel stock with a plastic jewel on the front. Current production units are made from laser-cut stainless steel, without the jewel.

Pricing (US $)
Finished unit: $40.00
3ft audio cable: $3.00

  • United States: $5.00
  • Canada, Europe and Australia: $20.00
  • Other countries: please e-mail the NOARC treasurer for a shipping quote

Kits and steel bases are currently not available.

To order, send a check to:

North Ottawa Amateur Radio Club
PO Box 976
Grand Haven, MI 49417

Or: send a PayPal payment to the NOARC treasurer, John, N8YQD. Orders received by PayPal are shipped within 48 hours; orders received by mail will take longer.

Also, look for us at Dayton and other hamfests around West Michigan!


A current-model Te-Ne-Ke.

Te-Ne-Ke with a Hendricks PFR-3 QRP transceiver.

Te-Ne-Ke with a Yaesu FT-817. The key connects to your rig using a standard stereo audio cable.

Doug Furton, K8EXB demonstrates the Te-Ne-Ke in this Youtube video. This unit does not include the steel base.

See the Te-Ne-Ke in use on Cheyenne Mountain for SOTA!

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