September Meeting Minutes
Posted by N8FQ on Sunday, October 2, 2016 @ 2:38 PM
September brings our meeting back in-doors at the Spring Lake Publc
Library. At 6:30 John Sundstrom openned the meeting with the financial
report: we're doing O.K.

Onward to future events. October 15 has the Muskegon Hamfest and our club
will have a table for anyone wishing to sell. That Saturday also commits
our club to Boy Scouts Jamboree on the Air at the Grand Haven Airport. The
scouts begin at 11:00 A.M. until, perhaps, 2:00.

Please note that the November meeting is the 23rd. Thanksgiving the 24th.

Grand Haven's Annual Jingle Bell Parade is December 3rd.

Those wondering if our State of Michigan non-profit status is currant – it

Repeater status: running the Yaesu with controller: no problems.

John Sundstrom reports 31 Te Ne Ke sales for the year thus far. Thank you,
John, for the sales effort and thank you, Paul Zellar, for building them.

Our topic for the meeting: Let's Make Something Together. John S.
demonstrated and reviewed a Chinese 40 – 9er qrp transceiver. The kit going
for $12:00 or finished board for $17:00.

Ben Docter reviewed the 4 States QRP Club 40 meter receiver. Pat Gardner
had a completed one on hand. Pat also brought a $9:00 kit – Digital
Capacitance Meter and a frequency counter for $4:00. He also showed us his
work – station board that was presented in QST magazine, July 2000.

We, as club members, are encouraged to seek out a kit, build it and present
it for show and tell at future meetings. Kalamazoo Hamfest, October 16,
might have just the kit for you.

Coffee and cookies consumed, we adjourned before the libraries call of
closure (8:15)

Respectfully submitted;

Phyllis & Roger Simmons


NOARC Summer Notes
Posted by N8FQ on Wednesday, August 17, 2016 @ 8:26 PM
I may as well call this my summer report. The month of July is a busy one,
if we choose to volunteer our time. The 4th of July brings the Ferrysburg
Parade. We enjoy a pancake breakfast prior to the parade, which seems to be
longer each year.

Then on the 10th, Grand Haven requests our help with a triathalon. Now,
July meeting is generally our Fox hunt. The last couple of years found only
4 – 5 participants so we passed up the pursuit in favor of a show and tell
[ summer projects ] hot dog meet at the Wm Ferry Park in Ferrysburg.There
were six of us, so we gained a couple. It was a nice, breezy but quality
meet and most enjoyable.

And then there was Coast Guard week. Did anyone watch the ships come in on
Monday? Awesome sight! But I'm getting ahead of myself. On the 30th our
help was requested for the 5 and 10K races followed by the Children's
Parade. A long morning but appreciated. The following Saturday. August 6,
which wraps up the festivities, is the Coast Guard Parade. We get fed
breakfast at Russ' Restaurant and a lunch at the G.H. Fire dept. garage,
after the parade.

So we are up to August. The 25th will bring us back to Wm Ferry Park for,
what else, QRP in the Park. Not sure of the time – I'd guess 6:00 – but
tune in to Tuesday night net for correct time.

With summer behind us in September, we'll be meeting at 6:30 on the29th at
the Spring Lake Library.

Respectfully submitted,

Phyllis and Roger Simmons.

July Meeting Minutes
Posted by N8FQ on Sunday, July 3, 2016 @ 11:17 PM
Thursdays, as a general rule ,are when the monthly meeting occurs. So, on
June 23, 6 PM the meeting was on at the Coast Guard Park in Ferrysburg.
After a hot dog meal, mapping of the location of the antennas for the radio
stations took place.

Saturday morning began at 8 AM with McDonnell breakfast sandwiches on our
campsite. There were three stations to be set up for W8 CSO. 3-MI.Our
antenna guru,Lou Meisch had hands to assist him..

After a pizza lunch, ( need those carbs to keep going ), . Two o'clock
kickoff time found the stations up and running . 20 m, PS 31 and 20 m
phone 15 m phone and 80 m (night with storm reports ),. 40 m CW (
Gordon Stockhill said that this event was his last. Say it isn't so
Gordon.. Our go- to- station ,was 20 m plus. . .

Saturday morning served up a hot breakfast at 8 AM, just before A
rainstorm moved in for an hour or so..

. Saturday 6 PM ,brought our families together for a for a potluck. It
astounds me to think how the ladies and gentlemen make potlucks work out
with a nice a variety of so good food.. . We thank them for their
contribution . .

Sunday morning served up a hot breakfast that that, just before our
rainstorm moved in for an hour or so.It was pleasant ,sitting, chatting,
with a cup of coffee in the middle ( the pavilion)

After cold sandwich lunch , anyone. r emaining is ready to call it a day
.. We then packed up the radio stations on the vehicles . The sign in
sheet claims 14 attendees and it's hard to say who dropped in.. it realIy

. an enjoy I able weekend.

. Thanks to all who participated , 73's . Phyllis and Roger

Field Day 2016 - Saturday, June 25
Posted by N8FQ on Friday, June 24, 2016 @ 12:11 AM
NOARC's Field Day will be at Coast Guard Park in Ferrysburg.


  • US-31 to exit 104B (Third St)
  • West on Third, follow onto 174th
  • Left on North Shore Rd
  • Park entrance is on the right; look for the buoy

Setup begins at 8 AM, operation begins at 10 AM.

May Meeting Minutes
Posted by N8FQ on Saturday, June 4, 2016 @ 8:36 PM
The setting:Spring Lake library. 

The time:6:30 PM:

The event:  North Ottawa Amateur Radio Club  Meeting

Attendance :  14 members.

 The meeting began  with the financial report .We made   $318.18 last month )

, May 28 Presented the opportunity to help with the kickoff  to summer race  in Grand Haven . Memorial Day brought  some of us to the Spring Lake  Parade .  Weather was perfect both days and the duty  satisfying.  .

 Saturday ,June 4, will take us to the Hudsonville Ham Fest , with three tables for the club  Doors open  8 AM.  , June 18   Spring Lake Heritage Festival race  will  look for our
.  help. 

Let's look at July and August before we get into field day. .  July 10 a  Sunday is the Grand Haven  Triathalon. July 30th ,  C  ast Guard 5 and10 K runs  and kids parade. .  August 6  brings the Coast Guard  parade. field day for the club, begins  June 23on the site  for hotdogs and antenna planning. .Rysinga Park   In Ferrysburg,is our choice this year , but its not settled yet.  Details when available, will be on our W8CSO/Yahoo website.  Tuesday  nigh at 8:00 PM, will have the latest decision.

Field day, nationwide, begins at 2 PM June 25 then closes on June 26th at 2 PM. We begin on Saturday with a McDonald's plus breakfast at 8 AM. Prior to and stations set up. Lunch is pizza and Saturday night meal is potluck. So bring your spouse/date and a dish to pass, your table ware, Drinks are provided.. Sunday breakfast 8 AM, lunch is whenever, usually before takedown of the equipment.

Field day settled, there was discussion regarding club jackets versus patches. Price wise, new patches, won hands down.

John Sundstrom gave a demonstration of new a new Yesau 2 m radio FTM 3200.

Pat Gardner set up and demonstrated his latest kit; a 60 meter CW rig, if I remember right. It worked great with a makeshift antenna yet.

The library closes at 8:30 PM, and we exited about 8:20 PM. Will look for you at June 23 meeting.

Respectfully submitted, Phyllis and Roger Simmons

April meeting minutes
Posted by N8FQ on Saturday, April 23, 2016 @ 9:56 PM
John Sundstrom and Phyllis Simmons started preparation for the meeting
early. The conference room was in the Spring Lake Library, a little after
6:00 PM. At 6:30, the meeting officially began. He then presented a
demonstration of the computer and projector forming the NOARC website.

Next he gave an interesting demonstration of APRS, (Automatic Position
Reporting System). He showed how his handheld radio had left a trail
showing the places he traveled during the daytime. It had retained that
information in his handheld radio.

Next, Ben Docter talked about.”Google Plus”. This is a computer program
showing the location of a circle of friends or family at any given time.
The requirements are for use of an Android phone and the Internet.

The ARRL has a radio program every two weeks, which consists of a ½ to 1
hour podcast. To find it, look for Google “Striker”and the title:“The
Doctor is in”.

Then, Ben and John showed a video of ”The goat hiker”, a video on “U Tube”.
Steve LNU has two goats that follow him, without leashes or other tethers
on them,as Steve climbs with backpack and radio through the Wyoming

John Sundstrom passed out a brochure advertising the Cadillac Amateur Radio
and Computer Swap on Saturday, May 7 Cadillac junior high school. On the
reverse side of the brochure, is a complete NOARC Status report. It also
shows future events, repeater status and financial statement. The event
will be held at the Cadillac junior high school. Talk in will be on
frequency 146.980, K8CAD.

Finally, but not least, Paul Zellar presented members a booklet which he
had authored on “General Troubleshooting For Electronic and
Electrical/Mechanical Equipment”.

We all enjoyed cookies, coffee, tea, apples and Chex Mix crackers. During
the meeting, courtesy of Phyllis Simmons.

This was one of the most interesting meetings we have had. The next one
will be May 26 at Spring Lake library.

Respectfully submitted: Phyllis and Roger Simmons

March meeting minutes
Posted by N8FQ on Thursday, April 7, 2016 @ 4:50 PM
With the arrival of the magic half-hour [ 6:30 ] at the Spring Lake Public
Library, the NOARC meeting was called to order. Attendance of eleven.

John Sundstrom reported on our finances and that sales for the TeNeKe for
November thru March totaled thirteen. Thanks go to Paul Zellar for building
thirty-eight keys.

Events to look forward to would be the Cadillac ham -fest, May 7 and
Hudsonville ham-fest on June 4. Our services are requested for the Grand
Haven Kick Off to Summer race on May 28th and Spring Lake Memorial Parade
on May 30.

Repeater status [ Sundstrom report ]: Pulled the controller due to echoing.
Running the Yaesu w/o controller. The 443.7750 repeater is off the air for

The program for the evening was Joe Veldhuis' able presentation of the
workings of Echo Link.

Show and Tell was also of special interest with a vertical antenna, built
and demonstrated by Pat Garonek.

Roger Simmons also set up his new vertical.

Please note; April club meeting on the 21st; May meeting the 26th.

73's to all;

Phyllis and Roger Simmons

March meeting
Posted by N8FQ on Sunday, March 27, 2016 @ 3:04 PM
Our next meeting will be on Thursday, March 31 at 6:30 PM, at the Spring Lake District Library.

February club meeting
Posted by N8FQ on Wednesday, February 17, 2016 @ 4:06 PM
The next club meeting will be on Thursday, February 25 at 6:30 PM at the Spring Lake District Library. Paul, W8IQE will be giving a presentation.

December 16th 2015 NOARC Christmas Party
Posted by N8FQ on Wednesday, December 23, 2015 @ 7:27 PM
At 6:00 pm, on a mild December evening, the NOARC club met for our
annual Christmas
party, at the Spring Lake library. Twelve in attendance- members and
spouses – enjoyed an evening of making acquaintances in a relaxing and
jovial atmosphere. I am again amazed at how well “ potlucks" workout. It
could not have been planned better with ham, casseroles of corn, broccoli,
beets, scalloped potatoes, plus some rolls, cake, and cookies. And not a
bad punch.

Gift time rolled around with a ticket drawing for the grand prize of the
ARRL handbook – won by Roger Simmons. Three ARRL repeater directories and
three ARRL calendars were drawn by remaining guests.

Again, 8:30 pm library closing dictated our closing.

The January meeting is on the 28th at 6;30. Roger Cox will present the

Merry Christmas to you all and Happy New Year, 73 s.

Respectfully submitted: Phyllis and Roger Simmons

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